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We take safety and compliance with CAA regulations seriously in all our aerial photo/video assignments. The CAA stipulates that commercially operated drones, flying with a CAA "Standard Permission" must be flown: within 400 feet above ground level, within 500 metres and visual line of sight
of the pilot, not closer than 50 metres of persons, vehicles and buildings
not directly under the pilot's control (reduces to 30 meters for take-off and landing), and not within 150 metres of an organised open-air assembly of  more than 1000 people. Before arrival at the client's location and again once on-site, a risk assessment is carried out to ensure that we can operate our drone safely for the client. This addresses all relevant considerations including but not limited to proximity to airports and controlled airspace, weather, incursions by persons and vehicles and that the necessary landowner permission for take-off and landing has been given.


By law, any commercial work undertaken with a drone requires formal permission to have been granted by the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).  The CAA issue an annual PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operation) to competent SUA (Small Unmanned Aircraft) drone pilots who have completed and passed their training with an approved trainer or NQE. The training includes a theory test, flight test and production of an Operation Manual that details all the procedures the drone pilot will follow, including risk assessment and safety, checklists and maintaining logs, and having a CAA approved insurance policy in place. The CAA may choose to inspect these documents at any time. 

Geoffrey Alan Photography are fully insured for £1m public liability aerial operations cover and our pilot and operator holds certification of CAA Permission  (ref 10340) for SUA Multi-rotor aircraft up to 20 kg. 

"If you are paying someone to fly a drone you must check that they have the necessary safety approval or you could be paying for an unsafe operator that probably won't have any insurance if things go wrong", the CAA has recently warned.

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As from the 30 November 2019 the CAA requires all those in the UK operating drones, including both recreational flyers, as well as commercial operators such as ourselves, to register with the Drone and Model Aircraft Registration and Education Service .

Our pilot and aircraft have been duly registered with this new scheme. 

Failure for a drone operator to register may result in the operator incurring a £1000 fine.


Upon enquiry we will give you an estimated cost for your aerial photo/video requirement.  Pricing varies for each client project since location, complexity and other risk factors need to be taken into account for each flight, which must be undertaken in accordance with CAA regulations. During initial contact with the client, we will obtain a brief of their requirements, and ask for additional information as necessary to allow us to carry out a pre-flight assessment to ensure the aerial photo/video activity can be carried out safely and legally, and to identify any potential obstacles. This assessment is normally desk based using on-line tools, but in some circumstances an initial site visit will be needed before a quotation can be made. Our price quotation will re-iterate our operating criteria, including the need to postpone the operation should inclement weather or another factor impact operation safety. A 20% deposit will be required upon booking our service, with full payment on completion of the work

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